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Dear Safety Coordinator,



Call 911 !



If an employee is injured on the job, suffers a heart attack or witnesses a fire, "Dialing 911" is their first reaction, and correctly so. Then, would you just wait for the Paramedics or Fire Department to arrive? What is your next action? Have you ever stopped to consider how much the victim's chance of survival or total recovery would increase if help were to begin immediately? What would you or any of your employees do in these situations?


Emergency Response Team (ERT) Training in First Aid, CPR and Bloodborne Pathogen (i.e. HIV, HBV) programs will prepare you and your employees to safely administer Emergency Care. These courses are taught using materials from the Emergency Care and Safety Institute (ECSI). Classes are also available for Incipient Fire Extinguishment, Hazardous Materials Operation, Confined Space Entry as well as Confined Space Rescue.


Statistics prove that immediate response to personal injury or fire from trained personnel dramatically increases recovery and survival chances. Properly applied Emergency Care can mean the difference between life and death, a rapid recovery vs a long hospital stay or a temporary disability from becoming a permanent injury. Fire Safety Training can avoid thousands of dollars in fire damage.